DESALU Creative is a family of multi-passionate artists who collaborate with innovative people and organizations doing great work for their community and industry. Our team is small, but we’re able to provide agency service without the agency price. We get jazzed about working with local businesses, non-profits, charities and individual professionals within the Toronto area, as well as some international clients. Whether you’re looking to improve your current website or completely refresh your personal brand, it’s worth a quick chat to see what we could offer you. Let us help tell your story.

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Derrick An
Founder & Managing Director

I took the leap into entrepreneurship because I wanted to take control of my professional career. DESALU Creative was born out of a deep desire to accelerate my personal and professional growth and provide a meaningful service that solves real problems for businesses. Drawing upon my experiences in the public, government, private and charity work, I understand challenging and variable processes. I help businesses navigate the complexity of completing visual design projects with a creative team.

I am an avid world traveller, technology lover and all things eater. Although as a foodie, you won’t find me take a pic of my meal too often. It’s already made its way into my stomach - guaranteed. Coming from the charity and public sectors, I am deeply opinionated in public policy, health management and foreign aid. I love movies with big explosions and quick wit banter. I also love that I get to work with my best friend.

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Luke Lopez
Founder & Creative Director

In a day and age where the world bombards us with the need to ‘work, work, work’ – how does one create a business and life that they love? I knew that if I wanted to not regret my chosen career I had to consciously forge my own path and help empower others to do the same. DESALU Creative was built by a few close friends wanting to design for a beautiful yet purposeful world. 

My professional experience spans the fields of government, advertising, media, charity and fashion. It has been one of my greatest strengths to have amassed insights from a variety of sectors. This allows me to mindfully help you start and grow businesses that not only stand-out and make a profit, but that also make a difference. As a big-hearted artist wired to create, I believe we, as a society, need to harness the brilliance of creatives, makers and entrepreneurs. 

When I’m not designing, you can find me flying off to a new adventure, singing karaoke or eating out – three of my favourite things. Unlike Derrick though, I pause to take food pics – hold up! Getting to collaborate with your best friend is a huge perk of the 'job' too ;) 

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Extended Team


Laura Eley
Copy Writer & Wordsmith